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International SOS Foundation Ambassadors of Duty of Care

Our expert led Summit will cover topics such as Climate Resilience, AI, Diversity, Geopolitics and more

Risk Management for Youth and School Trips

Updating your Travel Risk Management Plans to Comply with ISO 31030

Enhance your Crisis Management Response and Leadership

Managing Wellbeing within a Hybrid Workforce

What is Duty of Care?

  1. Attend the Leading Global Duty of Care Event
  2. *NEW* ISO 31031 Training
  3. ISO 31030 Training
  4. Crisis Management Training
  5. Supporting your Hybrid Workforce
  6. What is Duty of Care?
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The International SOS Foundation is dedicated to improving the health, safety and security of workers around the world through research, thought leadership, training and events. Started in 2011, it is an independent not-for-profit organisation.

Duty of Care Summit and Awards

The Duty of Care Summit brings together global, industry-leading experts for discussion, debate, practical case studies and invaluable networking on the world's most pertinent challenges in protecting a global workforce and mitigating risks.


As a pioneer in Duty of Care, the Awards honour organisations that fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities by enhancing work conditions globally, improve people’s welfare and ultimately, help save lives. The winners of the Duty of Care Awards will also be announced live during the event.

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"For over a decade, the International SOS Foundation’s mission has been to raise awareness of the importance of Duty of Care and put it firmly onto the agenda in board discussions. In a post-pandemic, poly-crisis environment, Duty of Care has to be a focus more than ever."

Arnaud Vaissié, Chairman, International SOS Foundation

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