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Crisis Management meeting

Crisis Management Response and Leadership Training Course

The International SOS Foundation has designed a training course entitled Crisis Management Response and Leadership, delivered in-person or hybrid, certified by CPD.

This virtual training course is designed to provide individuals responsible for their organisation's crisis management team with the competencies necessary to actively participate in protection and resilience of their company, people and assets.

Throughout the programme, you will learn the methodology behind an effective crisis management response, define the roles and responsibilities of a crisis management team, provide an effective approach for situation monitoring and decision-making, and at the end of the course, trainer/s will have simulations that will help you learn, consolidate and apply the best practice techniques in crisis management response.


The target audience for this training programme is anyone wishing to develop competencies in understanding the methodology behind effective crisis management and executing successful crisis management response.


On successful completion of the course, participants will have the required knowledge, skills and information to:

  • Provide participants with a holistic crisis management response methodology alongside a clear robust framework.
  • Enhance individual leadership skills throughout practical critical risks essentials and crisis-proven responses methods derived from medical and security expert's doctrine.
  • Consolidate attendee's crisis management response expertise throughout a highly intense global workforce risk management simulation exercise supported by a responsive/adaptive scenario with digital situational awareness tools.
  • Train decision-making process under time pressure and environment/technical constraints.
  • Develop participant’s expertise in corporate global workforce risk mitigation and implement sustainable business continuity strategies in their respective business environments.


The training will take place in a live, virtual classroom where the trainers will guide participants through the subject in an interactive learning format. Participants will acquire the skills through simulation exercises, discussions, and break out sessions for networking. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss their real-life examples so that they can apply learnings in their work immediately after the training.



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In-person session on 17-18-19 September in Houston, Texas - Register HERE

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