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Hybrid workforce wellbeing


Managing Duty of Care for Employee Wellbeing Within a Hybrid Workforce


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards hybrid working and brought about change in Duty of Care expectations and responsibilities over the last three years. Employees are prioritising mental health and expect wellbeing support from their organisations, more than ever.

The International SOS Foundation commissioned Affinity Health at Work to undertake a global research on managing Duty of Care for wellbeing within a hybrid workforce. Affinity Health at Work is a specialist consultancy and research group contracted by the WHO Steering Group to perform the supporting evidence work for WHO guidelines on mental health at work, recently published in September 2022.

The aims of the research are to:

  • Understand the expectations and support requirements of employees by location, context and working pattern.
  • Provide organisations with evidence from which to tailor their offering more effectively to employees, whatever their working pattern and location. 

An evidence-based-practice approach was taken to the research, which includes a review of existing academic literature, interviews with organisational stakeholders Capgemini, HSBC, Mott MacDonald, Sasol, Suncorp and a survey which generated 1000+ responses from 62 countries.

Download the full report for full insights and practical recommendations for organisations and employees.