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Case Study

Reaching Out in Remote Areas

Sierra Rutile Limited, winner of the 2021 Duty of Care award for Remote Resilience, used its previous experience in dealing with disease outbreaks to protect employees, families and local communities during COVID.


Sierra Rutile, a subsidiary of Iluka Resources, is a multi-mine operation located in the Bonthe and Moyamba districts, south west Sierra Leone. Sierra Rutile has the world’s largest deposit of the natural mineral rutile and encompasses two operations at Lanti and Gangama, a mineral separation plant, and a dedicated port facility. Sierra Rutile’s main product stream is natural rutile and the operation also produces smaller quantities of the minerals ilmenite and zircon (in concentrate). Sierra Rutile is one of Sierra Leone’s oldest and most prominent companies. It employs more than 2,700 people and its workforce is over 98% Sierra Leonean.

Used to managing disease outbreaks in remote locations, Sierra Rutile has once again proven that during COVID-19 they could still ensure a safe environment for their workers. Located in the Bonthe and Moyamba districts, the mining company was prepared to manage the pandemic thanks to the right equipment and sufficient staff. 

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