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Operating in Russia Far North and Far East

Published by Russin & Vecchi L.L.C. International Legal Counsellors and International SOS (2020). This whitepaper supports organisations planning to set up operations in the Russian Far North and Far East regions. Due to the complex health and safety conditions, the paper advises how to mitigate from these risks to ensure sustainable operations.


To mitigate the risks and ensure sustainable operations in these remote regions it is critical that companies comply with the regularly environment, understand the relevant legal standards impacting their business and the best ways to implement those. Global industry best practices and multi-layered comprehensive measures that combine medical emergency response with workforce wellness can offer a holistic approach in addressing the risks.

To be successful, companies operating in these locations need to deliver a tangible return on investment and shield their workforce from unnecessary risks. It is, therefore, important to comply with the industry’s OH&S standards and Russian regulations and to mitigate the challenges in attracting and retaining talented workers by providing adequate levels of healthcare and wellbeing on remote sites.

This paper highlights the health risks, countrywide and region-specific labor and occupational health regulations, and provides practical guidance on mitigating risks faced by employers while operating in Russia’s remote regions.