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City of Mexico


Investing and Operating in Mexico


Mitigate occupational health risks and meet regulatory compliance

Culturally and geographically diverse, Mexico presents many opportunities for organizations looking to expand their operations. With a population of more than 123 million people and a developing economy spanning across the automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas, telecommunication and tourism industries, the country represents a stable environment for growth.

With the increasing opportunities for organizations to invest and operate in Mexico, it also brings forth challenges in mitigating occupational health risks. Approximately 50% of the population involved in economic activities have occupational health & safety requirements. In 2016 there were 1,408 registered fatalities – 986 of those were work-related accidents, 399 were accidents on the way to or from work, and 23 resulted from occupational diseases.

In order to prevent these incidents, organizations need to plan efficiently, not only regarding logistics but also for the complex occupational health standards and compliance that exist in the country. This document provides a framework of Mexico’s occupational health challenges, regulations, requirements and best practices in order for organizations to protect their workforce.