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Case Study

Innovate for Everyone

The Bank of Papua New Guinea, winner of the 2021 Duty of Care Award for Innovation, used technology to make financial services available to all, including those with no access to mains power or the internet.


The Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) is the country’s Central Bank. Its primary objective is to ensure that its monetary and banking policy is directed to the greatest advantage to the people of Papua New Guinea, and direct its efforts to promoting monetary stability and a sound and efficient financial structure. However, in PNG there are approximately 8 million people, of whom:

  • 85% do not have a bank account
  • Only 20% have access to mains power
  • Only 5% have a birth certificate
  • Less than 5% have a smartphone

Plus, internet connectivity is poor and not widely available. This means it is difficult for many people to access bank accounts and other financial services. In turn, that makes it extremely difficult to get jobs, own land and vote. As part of its commitment to Duty of Care, BPNG rose to this challenge.

Download the case study to learn more.