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Higher education


Higher Education Sector Guidance on Health and Safety in Fieldwork and Travel

It is aimed at Heads of Institutions and other senior managers responsible for setting policy, at Heads of Departments/Schools, fieldwork leaders and others who may be accountable for the health and safety of staff, students and other participants engaged in fieldwork.


A healthy and safe environment is an important part of any work and study place, regardless of where that may be. Fieldwork forms a key element of academic teaching and research, enabling our institutions to develop innovative and exciting solutions to a wide variety of problems, issues and intriguing questions.

This document provides a framework for establishing policies and procedures that enable staff, students and other participants in higher education institutions to undertake fieldwork safely. It provides institutions with a way to demonstrate that they are following good practice to manage fieldwork, thereby facilitating fieldwork in even the most remote and challenging of environments and circumstances.