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Global framework


Global Framework Safety, Health and Security for Work Related International Travel and Assignments

A benchmarking study of 628 organisations (718 respondents) carried out by International SOS on all inhabited continents, except South America, revealed that a significant number of organisations have put into place good practices designed to prevent problems, and protect travellers and international assignees. These organisations take a comprehensive approach to managing these risks by incorporating them within their broader occupational safety, health and security functions. Providing this protection is an integral part of competitiveness / legal compliance and delivering their corporate social responsibility aspirations


The planning and implementation section of the document guides the organisation under the capstone of the policy, to develop a situational analysis of where the organisation is at present and what needs to be established to effectively identify threats and hazards, and to assess risks, provide control measures or other means to identify the threat and hazard, and to prevent, eliminate, control and mitigate the risk. Part of the planning and implementation process is also to develop and maintain a system to effectively manage emergencies and crisis, on both an organisation-wide and a local level. 

As with any effective management system, this guidance also outlines a range of different ways to consider the measures necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the system through means such as performance measurement, incident investigation, auditing and management review as well as a means to develop actions to continually improve the system.