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Employer's Duty of Care in Health Safety & Security Matters - UK

In the current marketplace, global travel is becoming the norm, with more employers than ever before sending their employees abroad. The graduates who form part of the millennial generation are keen to work outside their home country, suggesting that there will be even more demand from employees for international postings going forward. However, the risks involved in posting employees abroad are also on the rise.

This note is intended to provide an overview of the duty of care owed to employees who are deployed from England or Wales to work in another jurisdiction, either on a short-term basis (e.g. a business trip) or as part of a longer-term arrangement, such as an international assignment or secondment. This note covers the position under the laws of England and Wales (in force at the time of writing) only, and does not address the legal rights of British nationals (or nationals of any other country) who are employed by local employers in countries other than England and Wales.