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Duty of Care Scholastic Sector


The 2011 Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Benchmarking Study2 surveyed 628 companies worldwide across different industries. The sample included 27 leaders from the scholastic sector with global activities, with responses from multiple departments within the educational sector’s administration. Due to the relatively small sample size, these results have to be viewed as exploratory. The scholastic sector includes educational institutions such as international schools, colleges and universities. The purpose of this special report is to take a closer look at how the scholastic sector takes care of its travelling and global populations using responses from the Global Benchmarking Study.

The Global Benchmarking Study explored three fundamental questions: 1. What types of Duty of Care activities are organisations currently undertaking? 2. How do global organisations benchmark against each other in regard to these activities? 3. What does this concept really mean to organisations needing to apply their obligations to employees?