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Duty of Care for Employees to Health Checks for Mission Travellers and Expatriates - Switzerland

If the security aspect of the duty of care for travellers in mission and expatriates has rather well been studied, this is not the case for its medical side. The goal of this study is to make a panorama of the practices in Duty of Care implemented in the medical domain by employers in Switzerland, to see if they consider health checks as part of their Duty of Care and how they perceive the concept of a medical e-questionnaire that would select the people who would need to pass a health check before a departure abroad.

In that purpose, a qualitative inquiry was made with nine great Swiss companies and six international organisations based in Geneva. It allowed to make a list of the said practices, to see how the interviewed people were organising their health checks for the concerned population and to know which place they would give to an e-questionnaire. A study of their medical assistance sinistrality was made with the goal to see the impact of the health checks on it. A “tangibilisation” of duty of care in the medical domain is proposed that could be expanded and become a tool for following-up its progression and for communicating.