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Diverse workforce


Are you part of the global workforce?


In today's labor markets, routine business travel and employee assignments abroad are common.

  • This global movement presents unique challenges to governments and employers concerning legal and practical matters that arise from unfamiliar risks to employees abroad.
  • These risks include disease, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and kidnappings.
  • Considering these risks, the extent to which governments and employers have a Duty of Care to workers abroad needs examination. 
  • The 1981 and 2006 International Labor Organization Conventions on Occupational Safety and Health mandate that ratifying nations use a preventative approach to occupational safety and health in order to implement measures to ensure a Duty of Care to "all workers" at the national and employer levels.
  • Australia, the United Kingdom, and some European [*876] countries, all ratifying parties to the Conventions, have extended the Duty of Care to international business travellers and assignees through case law and legislation.