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Health Security & Safety - Malaysia

Published by the International SOS Foundation, Malaysian Employers Federation, Prevent and Shearn Delamore & Co., this is a whitepaper on laws and regulations in Malaysia pertaining to the Duty of Care of employees and workers working or travelling overseas.


Duty of Care is no longer a vague concept, but a reality for organisations that want to demonstrate a tangible commitment to the protection of their most valuable assets - their employees. This Duty of Care publication, produced by International SOS Foundation intends to provide Malaysian employers with a summary of the best references in terms of duty of care on workplace health, safety and security which extends to overseas travel due to work.

We thank the Malaysian Employers Federation and Shearn Delamore & Co respectively for their advice on good practices in risk assessment for overseas work assignments and a summary of the state of the law relating to workplace safety and health laws in Malaysia.

This publication aims to provide awareness by giving perspectives in terms of regulatory, legal and health and security to employers. Employers’ obligation in protecting employees and preventing or mitigating incidents is an important part of corporate social responsibility as well. An employer's Duty of Care should be effective to protect its employees during the course of and outside of work while on overseas mission or assignment.

Finally, to assist organisations embarking into this process, a self-assessment Travel Risk Mitigation Checklist is available as a tool to implement actions on improving travel and assignment safety, health and security related to work. By better understanding the value of duty of care, it is expected that Malaysian organisations involved in international activities, will be able to address it for the direct benefit of their business.