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Mental health


Assessing Mental Stress in an International Environment

International SOS, together with partners, has developed a guide for companies to assess mental stress for companies. The guide will identify the mental stresses that workers are exposed to at national and international level and how companies can respond to meet their duty of care and protect their international workforce. It considers local employees at company sites as well as travelling employees and seconded workers. The guide provides an overview of legal basics and addresses the specifics of the countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It also includes an explanation of the ISO standards 45001 (guidelines for the application of occupational health and safety management systems), 45003 (guidelines for dealing with psychosocial risks in the workplace) and 31030 (guidelines for travel risk management). The guide describes national and international challenges for companies in relation to the mental health of their employees. Further chapters will deal with the methodology of mental risk assessment, highlight best practices and provide checklists for employers to systematically review their current state.