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Winners of The International SOS Foundation Duty of Care Awards 2021


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The International SOS Foundation has unveiled the 2021 Duty of Care Awards winners. Now in its fifth year, the awards celebrate and share best practice in the commitment of organisations to protecting their people, at home and away.

The awards received outstanding entries from organisations across 29 countries and 24 industries, showcasing their exceptional achievements and Duty of Care commitments in protecting their global workforce. Winners were selected by a panel of sector-leading expert judges1 from a host of internationally recognised organisations, including the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA).

This year, the 2021 Duty of Care Awards featured two new special categories. ‘COVID-19 Agility and Response’ and ‘COVID-19 Ambassador’ formally recognise the most inspiring initiatives and contribution taken by an organisation and a single individual in the face of the global pandemic.

Arnaud Vaissié, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of International SOS, comments, 

“We are at a critical point in the evolution of Duty of Care. This has seen rapid acceleration in the past year. Since the International SOS Foundation last hosted this event, in 2019, we have all lived through extraordinary times. No-one had foreseen the impact that COVID-19 has had on the global community, the economy and business operations. It has shaken many organisations to the core, and we will continue to see rapid and varying change.”

“I am proud to say that the Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary as ambassadors for Duty of Care this year. We are very grateful to all those, who have supported the Foundation over the years and will continuously drive its impact of the future of Duty of Care.”

“We will continue to celebrate organisations and individuals who have shown great commitment to Duty of Care. I am always impressed at the calibre of all the entries. This years’ have even excelled my expectations.”

John Denton, Secretary General of ICC and Head of Judges,

“Thank you to the International SOS Foundation for giving me the opportunity to be this year’s head of judges and for my ten other respected and diligent judges for providing their expertise and reviewing this year’s awards entries. Although this year has presented exceptional challenges for organisations and individuals alike, it is still extraordinary to have received so many high-quality entries. The submissions have been exemplary in demonstrating resilience amidst the COVID-19 world.”

Joe Vasquez, Senior Vice President, Global Accident and Health for CHUBB, gold sponsor of the Awards, said,

“We are excited to be sponsoring the COVID-19 Agility & Response and Innovation categories in the Duty of Care Awards. Celebrating the resilience, versatility, and innovation of organisations in this most challenging of years. The Awards are a great opportunity to shine a light on all the outstanding efforts these organisations have made, to share their stories and recognise their successes. At Chubb, good corporate citizenship lies at our core — how we practice our craft of insurance, how we work together to serve our customers, how we treat each other, and how we work to help make a better world for our communities and our planet.”
2021 Duty of Care Awards Winners
Winner Sector Location Award Category
Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.  Consumer Discretionary  United States COVID-19 Agility & Response
TechnipFMC Oil & Gas  Malaysia Communications
Emma Lindsay, ChampionX Technology/ Energy
United Kingdom
COVID-19 Ambassador
Genpact  Professional services
India Inclusion and Diversity
Bank of Papua New Guinea
Banking Papua New Guinea Innovation
Iluka Resources
Mining Australia Remote Resilience
Sioen Industries
Consumer Discretionary
Belgium Sustainability

NOTE: Commentary on the winners, judges’ comments and commended below

The International SOS Foundation is proud to present Chubb as Gold sponsor of the 2021 Duty of Care Awards & Summit and have the supporting sponsorship of the following organisations in order to make this event possible: CWT, Marsh, Marsh & McLennan Agency MMA, Mintra and Workplace Options.

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COVID-19 AGILITY & RESPONSEFortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.

Fortune Brands puts safety as their top priority.
During the pandemic, Fortune Brands quickly and decisively took actions to protect the health and wellbeing of their 25,000+ associates. Their fast and collaborative actions enabled them to keep manufacturing (faucets, cabinets, doors, decking and other home products) for millions of people at a time when a safe and comfortable home was of heightened importance for many.

Judges’ comment:
‘With top management setting up as role model and taking actions to demonstrate their commitment, the programme is poised to success. Working with not just the staff but also their family members, the programme smartly gain support from its stakeholders.’

Runner Up:
Nanyang Technological University

Honourable Mentions:
Greiner Packaging


Oakwood Worldwide

INAEC Aviation Corporation

Ayala Corporation

International School Bangkok (ISB)

Communications Winner: TechnipFMC

As part of their plans to mitigate the health risk of their workforce, TechnipFMC conducted a biometric health screening for approximately 400 of their employees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to gauge their health risk profile. From the screening report, several health risk factors were identified among their population, including cholesterol and raised blood glucose levels. Other baselines were established on physical activity, obesity, absenteeism, presenteeism, and perceived stress. From the findings, a tailor-made wellness campaign, ‘FocusOnYou’, was launched for TechnipFMC’s employees, to help employees with their physical and mental health.

Judges’ comment:
‘An intriguing entry, to the extent that biometric data is used to drive a health and wellbeing programme within the company. Yet, the strategy, level of engagement and results were very positive. This programme may benefit the company in terms of productivity and atmosphere, but most importantly, it will have a greater and hopefully longer lasting positive effects for each employee at a personal level.’

Runner Up:

Honourable Mentions:
Air New Zealand




COVID-19 Ambassador Winner: Emma Lindsay, HSEQ Manager at ChampionX

Aligned with ChampionX’s global continuity management plans, when the coronavirus pandemic struck, they acted quickly to enhance their risk management strategies. HSEQ manager for Europe Emma Lindsay, has gone above and beyond to make this a reality. Taking on the additional role of

‘business continuity manager’, she has been instrumental in developing and delivering ChampionX’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan Europe. Its implementation in March 2020 has resulted in zero coronavirus-related outbreaks across its three sites (including two manufacturing sites). With 100% continuity of operations and absolutely no disruptions to clients, ChampionX’s people felt safe at work and clients remain assured of their reliability no matter what.

Judges’ comment:
‘Emma Lindsay has put in place a plan that protected the company (and its operational effectiveness) from COVID-19. The fact that there were no outbreaks at their sites at a time when Europe was experiencing huge challenges to defeat COVID is testament of her BCP plan.’

Honourable Mentions:
Bonatti (Giovanni Lannotti)

Nippon Sanso Corporation (Pauline Loo)

Pavilion Energy (Heng Hwee Yeo)

Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf (Silvester Siegmann)

Safran (Agnès Martineau Arbes)

Tata Communications (Sangitha Shetty)


Inclusion and Diversity Winner: Genpact

Genpact’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programme takes their purpose of ‘the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for everyone’ forward, with the belief that they are ‘Better Together’. With the strong support of CEO Tiger Tyagarajan, Genpact runs strategic initiatives towards achieving 50% gender diversity at all seniority advancing multicultural talent and creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Having worked tirelessly towards this goal, Genpact is among the Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India in 2020 by Avtar and Working Mother Media.

Judges’ comment:

‘It was evident that DEI is an integral and core value within Genpact. The statistics collected demonstrate a strong uptake and a long-term commitment. I love the fact the CEO chairs the Diversity Council. Very impressive and inspirational programme.’

Honourable Mentions:
KPMG Vietnam & Cambodia

Bank of Papua New Guinea

Innovation Winner: Bank of Papua New Guinea

Since 2016, BPNG aims to make financial and social products and services accessible and affordable to all, irrespective of their wealth or social standing. They have now launched the world’s first digital identity creation tool that does not require mains power, internet connectivity or the use of “smartphone” mobile technologies. This is alongside the first Regulatory Sandbox, a framework set up by a regulator that allows businesses to test innovative propositions in the market with real consumers, in the South Pacific. BPNGs commitment to innovation has included the creation & patronage of the PNG Digital Commerce Association, a legally constituted entity designed to encourage innovation while supporting BPNGs drive for inclusion.

Judges’ comment:

‘Very important project to provide durable solutions for those that do not have access to digital identity. Research in blockchain technology and its implementations is extremely important, and it is great to see that a bank is leading the way in its own country to do well while doing good.’


Runner Up:

Predictive Safety Solutions

Honourable Mentions:
Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Remote Resilience Winner: Iluka Resources

Sierra Rutile, a subsidiary of Iluka Resources, is a multi-mine operation located in the Bonthe and Moyamba districts, south west Sierra Leone. Sierra Rutile has the world’s largest natural rutile deposit and encompasses two operations at Lanti and Gangama; a mineral separation plant; and a dedicated port facility. In a country where disease threat is constantly high, the onset of COVID-19 provided yet another challenge to operations at Sierra Rutile. Sierra Rutile spent over $2.7 million on COVID-related measures and established its own on-site quarantine and isolation facilities, in addition to the progression of faster in-house polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing capabilities. Support was provided to the community through COVID-19 safety educational messaging and donations of medical supplies and personal protective equipment.


Judges’ comment:
‘A very timely programme that has application long into the future.’

Runner Up:

Global Press


Honourable Mentions:
Management Science for Health (MSH)


Sustainability Winner: Sioen Industries

Veranneman Technical Textiles, part of the Sioen company, installed a unique ‘Coolbox’ communications room on their weaving site. Their weavers work in the middle of about 70 weaving looms, which cause a lot of noise and make it hard to discuss the monitoring data of the weaving looms. Next to the obvious noise, temperatures can rise quickly when you’re working amidst the weaving looms. The Coolbox is an employee initiative and is part of their digitalisation efforts. With the Coolbox communications hub, Veranneman and the Sioen Group build on a resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive, sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation, in accordance with the UN SDG 9. This initiative also helps the organisation in realising SDG 8, as they keep improving employees’ working conditions to provide decent work for all.

Judges’ comment:
‘This project clearly demonstrates both a Duty of Care to employee needs, but also a commitment to sustainability by improving the health and wellbeing of employees and putting in place initiatives that reduce the company's impact on the environment. It is also evident that employees were put at the centre of the project.’

Runner Up:

Honourable Mention:
Management Science for Health (MSH)


For further information, please contact:

Suzanne Withers, Group Head of PR, International SOS
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  • Deborah De Cerff, Founder, The Employee Mobility Institute
  • Jamie Williamson, Executive Director, International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA)
  • John Denton, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Dr Rachel Lewis, Director & Occupational Psychologist, Birkbeck University
  • Dr Xiaoguang Wang, Director, The Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute
  • Karla Guerrero Lozoya, Stakeholder Council Chairwoman, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Kylie Porter, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Australia
  • Nancy Leppink, Senior Advisor, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
  • Peter O'Neil, CEO, ASIS International
  • Pierre Vincensini, Senior Adviser, International Organisation of Employers (IoE)
  • Professor Vincent Ho, 52nd President, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Hong Kong Association of Risk Management and Safety

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