Learn about Duty of Care

Duty of Care refers to the moral and legal obligations of employers to employees, contractors, volunteers and related family members in maintaining their well-being, security and safety when working abroad or in remote places. 

Organisations have legal obligations to act prudently to avoid the risks of injury or exposures leading to ill health. This obligation may apply both to acts and omissions. 

Employers are responsible for building a broad culture within their organisation to address the health, safety, security and wellbeing of employees and other related collaborators to the business. In doing so, they are expected to develop and deploy appropriate travel risk management approaches to protect people from possible harm.

Summary on Duty of Care

Learn about the Duty of Care obligations for people travelling away from home. This one-page summary includes: 
  • Who do you need to protect?  
  • Where?
  • Why are you responsible?
  • Key practices you need to put in place to fulfil your Duty of Care.



Understanding Health, Safety and Security risk management for work-related international travel and assignment

In their 2015 report, FERMA and International SOS outlined risk and insurance managers’ responsibilities to travelling employees and expats.

Download your copy here.

Bow tie

Travel Risk Mitigation Bow Tie

Understanding complex health risks, security risks and control measures for your travelling population. 

Download your copy here.

Benchmark Survey

This Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Benchmarking Study is the first comprehensive and authoritative research publication on the topic by International SOS.

Global framework

This strategic framework guides organisations in identifying threats and hazards, and managing risks to the safety, health and security of those travelling for their work or on international assignment.

Return on Prevention Study

The research, published by Prevent in March 2015, investigates the latest thinking on the risks associated with international assignments and the cost of a failed assignment.  Download your copy here.