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Duty of Care Summit


About the Summit

The seventh annual Duty of Care Summit will take place on 31 October 2024 at the Fullerton Hotel Sydney.

The Duty of Care Summit brings together industry-leading experts to share the latest trends, research, and best practices which address the challenges and opportunities impacting a global workforce. Delegates will benefit from invaluable insights, discussions, and networking with our global attendees and speakers. The agenda will cover topics such as:

★ AI: The Risk-Reward Calculus

★ Preventing Workplace Violence: Creating a Safe, Secure and Productive Environment

★ Geopolitical Instability: Strategies for Protecting your Operations and your People

★ Navigating Climate Resilience: Building Strategies for a Changing World

★ Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Promoting Diversity & Equity in the Workplace

★ Prioritising Mental Health in the Workplace

★ The Impact Perma-Crisis has on the Aviation Industry and Global Mobility



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