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Workforce wellbeing


Workforce Wellbeing Course

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The International SOS Foundation's Workforce Wellbeing training course provides individuals and leaders responsible for Wellbeing within their respective organisation, with the competencies necessary to plan, design and deliver best in class programmes. The course addresses how to develop a framework for Wellness/Wellbeing, how to uncover the right gaps, how to ensure that a programme evidence-based, how to measure success and best report on Wellbeing within your organisation.


All individuals wishing to develop or enhance competencies in understanding the methodology behind an effective workforce Wellbeing programme: Medical, Human Resources, Health and Safety professionals, etc.



Course Details

The two-day virtual course, which runs from 14:00-17:00 BST each day, will cover topics such as, the evolution of the Workforce Wellbeing, how to build a Wellbeing programme, the framework of a Workforce Wellbeing programme, mental health risks and the connection of Wellbeing, among others.

The goal of the course is for the participant to develop a clear understanding of the framework that makes up a Wellbeing programme for a diverse workforce, how to ensure a Wellbeing programme is compliant, and how to best report on Wellbeing within your organisation. The training will cover topics such as mental health, physical health and Duty of Care.



Upon successful completion of a course, participants will be awarded a CPD accredited certificate.

Course Facilitators: Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez Fernandez