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10-year anniversary

Over 10 Years as Ambassadors of Duty of Care

All employees need to be protected, at home or away, and the evolving Duty of Care landscape for organisations to navigate complicates this.

Celebrating over 10 years as Ambassadors for Duty of Care, the International SOS Foundation drives and promotes best practice in protecting employee safety, security, health and wellbeing. Through a range of ground-breaking thought-leadership, CPD and IOSH accredited training and expert led events, the Foundation helps to share vital insight, understanding, and practical risk mitigation measures.

10-year Anniversary Video

Featuring the key stakeholders and leaders that have shaped the Foundation in its success, we take a look back at our Duty of Care journey, through our events, thought-leadership and training agenda.

10-year Anniversary Book

This book celebrates the Foundation’s achievements and highlights the vital role played by our 12 key contributors. 

We are grateful for the significant role each person has played in developing, supporting and engaging with the Foundation over the past decade.

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