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duty of care survey

Duty of Care 2.0 - How Are Organisations Adapting to Change


The significance of organisations upholding their Duty of Care responsibilities is pertinent in an evolving risk environment. The International SOS Foundation has created a global survey to understand on a global basis, the challenges and opportunities organisations face when demonstrating their Duty of Care capabilities in the area of health and safety

The data collected from the survey will help to develop a report to guide organisations in addressing the Duty of Care responsibilities that coincide with the variability of a modern workforce in 2024. From legal compliance, and travel risk policy development, to security, health and wellbeing risk mitigation, the report will be underpinned by the partnership of global law firms and industry-specialists.

For every completed survey response, we will assign a tree to the International SOS Foundation forest located in Nimmakayalahalli, India.