The 'Singapore Declaration' on travel Health & security

Global mobility levels are predicted to double by 2020, Duty of Care regulation is complex, mobility teams are understaffed and medical costs are forecasted to grow. Considering the rapidly growing number of people travelling or on assignment on any-given day for work in a challenging, complex world, the prevention of work-related travel safety, health and security incidents is an important element of occupational safety and health.

With a view to affirming principles of prevention as well as supporting the ability to respond rapidly and effectively to incidents involving mobile workers, the International SOS Foundation in concert with the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore (the National Organiser of the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work) is calling upon world safety and health leaders to sign and support a Declaration addressing travel-related safety, health and security.

Why join us? You take Duty of Care seriously and want to make a difference in your organisation and to people’s lives. You can be publicly recognised as an Ambassador of Duty of Care. By signing this declaration you fully demonstrate your commitment.

Time and Date:

The Summit and signing ceremony will take place on 3 September 2017 from 10:30 to 12:30. 


Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore.


The Foundation is seeking participation from leaders of government ministries and agencies, intergovernmental organisation, social security organisations, employers' and workers' organisation, business leaders, safety and health organisations and institutions, as well as institutions of higher learning and others.

Review and Approval of the Declaration:

Registered delegates to the Summit with have the opportunity to see and provide comments on the initial draft of the Declaration, return it to the secretariat and after legal review have the opportunity to see he final draft of the Declaration before the Summit and the signing ceremony.