Wellbeing in a Modern Workforce

International SOS Foundation in partnership with leading research consultancy, Affinity Health at Work, is carrying out new global survey to understand how wellbeing is managed in the workplace and we would love to hear from you.

We are researching the links between working patterns and wellbeing and the support that is or would be valued most by employees. We are looking for as many participants as possible from different industries and places around the world, so if you can spare 15-20 minutes, please add your voice to our research.


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What is your working arrangement?
What is your experience of working in the workplace?
How is your organisation supporting your wellbeing?


The survey findings will be used to develop a white paper which aims to:

  • Enable employers to make evidence-based adjustments and recommendations to protect employees’ mental wellbeing and maintain their duty of care wherever you may work
  • Compare wellbeing by demographics and types of working arrangements
  • Uncover what employees value and how this differs by demographics
  • Understand the expectations and lines of responsibility of employers to employees in a modern working environment
  • Provide employers with the most useful wellbeing interventions for different types of workers

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